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Kimmestry, the organization that brings the Diva Dance program to the Atlanta area, created and operated by Professional choreographer and Dancer – Kimmie Gibson; is a dance instruction program that has been designed to teach & showcase the fundamentals of dance while promoting and instilling self esteem in young girls. The organization strives to instill a passion for dance while helping young girls to build their confidence, self resiliency and esteem through the power of movement.  The program is a mixture of creative movement and Hip Hop. It utilizes a traditional backdrop combined with modern dance techniques to give these aspiring dancers a platform for their expression.  Students of the program have been instructed on dance methodology knowledge as well as core elements and techniques.  This showcase will lend the opportunity for these little stars to celebrate their personal growth, skill set and innate passion for dance during the recital.


The 2017 “DIVAS CHOICE AWARDS” will act as a celebration of all the little stars in the program as they showcase their acquired skill set in dance as well as their own personal growth in both self esteem and confidence.  The girls will be able to show their families, friends and the community their achievements and be applauded, which will set a positive lifelong memory.

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